Psst...You can still

eat nice things!

For years women have been told they are too big, too muscled, too strong or too thin. Well, that's all changing.

The only thing Women should, in my opinion, be focused on is feeling well, happy and being as healthy as possible without trudging through life eating cos lettuce, cucumber & tomatoes (the devils salad as our family call it) & sneaking cake from the fridge in secret. Come on, we've all done the 1am raid...

I've been a career chef/baker/author for over 12 years. Spending many of those years training in Nutrition & Food Science. My approach is what's known as Evidence Based, meaning that any advice I give out, is safe & reliable. No cabbage soup diets here thank heavens.

At 25 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis & PCOS after a 10 year battle to be taken seriously, which unfortunately isn't unusual. Living with chronic illness, menopause or hormonal changes leaves you vulnerable to poor diet & nutrition, which adds to an already difficult situation, something that can be helped through the guidance of a coach.

Coaching is not about being told what to eat and when. It's about passing on knowledge, guiding & supporting to leave you able to enjoy the foods you love, while staying healthy & happy.

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What does a Nutrition Coach do?

As a Nutrition Coach, I can help you to reduce the risk of illness, lose weight, have more energy, & feel better all round. Unlike Dieticians, Nutritional Coaches don't tend to work in Hospital settings, but with their own clients or in workplace wellness settings.

This means that unfortunately, I am not qualified to work with anyone who has disordered eating syndromes or disorders.

If you are looking for advice on where to get help with your eating, check out BEAT here.

Working with a coach helps you to understand food, how to maintain, lose or gain weight depending on your goal & in a way that suits your lifestyle. Your goal and overall health is top priority & each client is provided with a bespoke plan, decided on together.

Although my passion is Women's health, I'm not a doctor nor can I prescribe medications for you. I can however, help you get the best from your medical appointments & to understand what you have been told in 'normal language' rather than medical jargon.

My Areas of Interest


Such a misunderstood condition that's close to my heart. Living with Endometriosis myself, I have a first hand understanding of how hard life is to balance. Food & nutrition can help to make that balance easier.


"Just lose weight"

How many of us have heard this from the doctor? Tiring right? Nutrition coaching can help you reach your goals & improve your symptoms

(Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

SO many women suffer with IBS & many in silence. Bowel movements are still considered taboo but I don't believe in taboos...I believe in going to the loo & not being in agony. There should be no shame in wanting a working digestive system!


Menopause or Perimenopause at any age is a tough experience. This includes surgical, chemical or biological menopause symptoms. Bone health, joints, skin & hair - supplements & a bespoke diet is essential to feeling good while your body changes.

Food Education

My goal with every client is to educate & support them until they no longer need me. Food education is essential to learning how to balance your diet, get the nutrients you need & make food actually taste good!

Weight Loss

Most women think about their weight every day. Nutritional Coaches help break the

Diet - Starve - Gain

cycle & educate you to maintain a healthy weight & feel amazing in your own skin.

Women's Health Education
& Human Rights

In my spare time, I am the co-founder & vice chair of the North Highland Women's Wellbeing Hub. We fight for positive change for Women's Health, educate all ages & genders on health conditions, bust common myths & provide 4 support groups for the Highlands women.

We work closely with the Scottish Human Rights Commission & Making Rights Real.